TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting

With the old CRT box type televisions disappearing with analogue TV, everybody nowadays has the option to wall mount their new TV.
Wall mounting TVs makes sense on so many levels, namely freeing up space on the cabinet top, safety as small children cannot dislodge it , its aesthetically pleasing, deters thieves from getting there hands on your precious Tv plus it also keeps the kids finger prints off the telly!!

Amplified¬†Antennas can wall mount any size plasma, LED or LCD. Whether its a 32 inch in the bedroom or a 75 inch on the back verandah, its nothing we haven’t done before. Adding a ¬†bracket installation to a wall creates a whole new entertaining area.

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Amplified Antennas provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all tasks we undertake.

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Don’t risk a backyarder or a DIY job on your expensive television, Amplified¬†Antennas has 20 million public liability so you can have confidence in our TV installations.

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