Antenna Repairs

Antenna Repairs

Often antenna’s reach the end of their life span with a little help from mother nature. Severe weather such as wind, rain and lightening can cause damage, but so too can our native wild life such as possums and birds.

Sometimes antennas can be fixed and will go on to serve you well for many years to come, other times though, a new antenna is required.

When our technician attends your property, they will firstly assess the issue and then recommend what is the best solution for your situation.

Most TV reception problems are due to the antenna, and Amplified Antennas are usually able to fix the problem on the same day.

We offer a full warranty on our service and products used, which you can read HERE.

We also hold $20 million in Public Liability Insurance and have a ‘COVID-19 Safe Policy’ in place for your peace of mind.

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