Sound System Installation

Sound System Installation

We are passionate music lovers and understand  that there is a big difference between good sound and great sound.

Elaborate sound systems are becoming more popular in Melbourne homes as people choose to entertain at home rather than mingle with the masses.

There is nothing better than the experience of a 7.1 system pumping out the latest high def sound.

Whether you just want a simple but great set up, or an elaborate high end system we can sit down with you and nut out a plan to get you the best system for your budget and space.

Cables can be neatly concealed in wall cavities to minimise visual impact, and if your budget allows, we can install recessed speakers to achieve a high end finish.

What needs to be considered?

When we meet, we will discuss a range of possibilities including speaker location and room acoustics. If you are building a new home or doing a renovation, we can go though your plans to bring it all together.

We offer a full warranty on our service and products used, which you can read HERE.

We also hold $20 million in Public Liability Insurance and have a ‘COVID-19 Safe Policy’ in place for your peace of mind.

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