Our Warranty

Amplified Antenna’s takes great pride in the service we deliver to our customers, using only top quality materials from a range of trusted suppliers we have worked with over a number of years.

This makes us comfortable to offer satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, and a manufacturer’s warranty on the materials we use, as follows:

5 year Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our antenna and related services
12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty on all antenna related equipment and parts installed by our technicians

The fine print….
• The warranty does not include any leads provided or installed to link the television, video, DVD, stereo system or any other device to each other or to the television outlet;
• The Guarantee & Warranty periods start from work completed date, as listed on the fully paid invoice;
• Amplified Antennas reserves the right to have the first opportunity to rectify any damage to property or antenna equipment, within a reasonable time frame;
• Amplified Antennas are not responsible for any outside influence or changes to the signal quality in any given area;
• The guarantee and warranty do not cover incorrect use of antenna equipment or service provided by a person other than Amplified Antennas technician;
• The guarantee and warranty provided shall not extend beyond the repair or replacement of the antenna related equipment and parts;
• Amplified Antennas will endeavour to book a service visit within 5 days of your warranty or guarantee claim;
• If an Amplified Antennas technician attends your property and it is determined that the issue is not related to your warranty, you may be charged a call-out fee and required parts to rectify the issue;

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our promise further, please contact our team today via our contact form.

Before you call:

Check that the antenna lead hasn’t been knocked, is firmly plugged into the wall plate and Television or other devise it was originally plugged into;

If you have an amplifier attached to your antenna system, check that it is plugged in firmly and the power is switched on;

If the above has not worked, try attaching a lead directly from your television to the antenna wall plate. If the picture is clear, this indicates that the issue may likely be your other equipment, not your antenna.

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